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Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19

Owning a Small Business can be overwhelming at times. We do IT ALL! We work late hours and on the weekends We have to maintain relationships with all

of our clients and with our family and friends. We pour ourselves into what we do because we love it, but also because our success depends on it. As optimistic as most of us were coming into a new year of growing our businesses, nothing could prepare us for COVID-19.

We’ve all faced challenges during the pandemic. It’s touched literally everything. And for small businesses it’s been especially hard to progress during this time. With some help from our screen printing community, we started a program called Back Small Business to help. We posted about it on social media and hoped for the best!

The idea? We offer custom printed t-shirts for each small business that participates to share with their clients, customers, family, &

friends and donate $10 back to that business directly for every shirt sold. Then, we’ll print, pack, and ship it directly to their supporter. All they need to do is share and spread the word!

Our original post from Facebook:

”We've seen a lot of great initiatives happening to support businesses, particularly small ones, during the time of uncertainty. We want in!

If you have a small business that's been impacted by COVID-19 directly or indirectly, we want to team up with you to support in the best way we know how - printing t-shirts!

We will create and hand print custom t-shirts with your business logo/design that your customers, clients, friends, and family can all purchase to show their support.

The best part? All you have to do is share your t-shirt to spread the word. Leave the rest to us so you can continue to focus on what's important: your small business.


$20 custom hand printed t-shirt sold to your supporters

We list the t-shirt in our online store and handle all the ordering, fulfillment, & shipping

Orders are printed and shipped bi-weekly

No out-of-pocket or upfront cost or minimums to guarantee

$10 per t-shirt sold is donated directly back to the business (that's you!)

Payouts to your business received weekly!

1 color logo/design / 1 placement

Send an email to if your business is interested. We'll talk design, color options, & other details to get you started!


We're thankful for the opportunity to be involved and contribute to small businesses just like ours. A HUGE thank you to every person that has given back in some way, big or small. From our friends in the screen printing community to the medical professionals risking their own health to help someone else's.

We will get through this because we're in it together.

The Back Small Business program ran for 6 weeks and during that time, Magnolia helped (along with their supporters) support 19 small businesses. Those businesses sold hundreds of t-shirts and raised over $2k for themselves. We also created brand new logos - pro bono - for 6 of those businesses that not only can be used on their t-shirts, but for other business needs as well.

Each day we shared a spotlight for a different small business on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We asked them the basics but really wanted to understand what fuels their passion for the work they do.

Packing each t-shirt and knowing it was being delivered to someone who supports small business was such a great feeling.

Chasing the mail lady down the road because she forgot to pick up our packages was not as good of a feeling (we didn’t actually chase her...we appreciate our postal workers!).

Then, seeing you all wear them...the BEST PART!

When we decided to do this, we had no idea it would be as successful as it was. We genuinely thought if we could help fill someone’s gas tank for a week in a time where they couldn’t work or help buy some

of their groceries, that we would have done our part.

We’re so thankful to own a small business that helps other small businesses grow.

— Magnolia Print Collective —

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